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Rupaya Community Update – August 28, 2018

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Rupaya Community Update - August 28, 2018

This weekly community update includes a reminder about the upcoming hard fork, details on marketing information, contest overviews, and more.

Community News

Interview with Brian D Colwell

Two days ago our interview with Brian D Colwell (aka THE Crypto Hobbit on Twitter) went live. Titled “Rupaya: The Future Of Money In SouthAsia” this detailed interview covered a wide range of topics. Once again questions were answered by Aasim (Mobay), Kevin (Tooshameless), Tobias (Velk), and Warren (Web3) from the Rupaya team.

At its core, Rupaya is a strong community bonded together by a single mission, to bring South Asia the digital currency technology it deserves and needs to connect into the global marketplace. — Kevin (Tooshameless), Brian Colwell interview

Project Developments

Hard Fork and Collateral Change Reminder

The upcoming hard fork will happen on October 1st, 2018. On that date the required collateral for a Rupaya masternode will double. Starting with the hard fork masternode collateral will be 20k RUPX.

For masternode owners wishing to keep the same number of active nodes, please be sure to secure any additional coins prior to that date.


In the past round of the MasternodeMeBro18 competition Rupaya was pitted against Linda Coin. There was some “suspicious activity” on several of the battles, multiple votes coming from a single IP address. That forced us into a brief sudden death round with Linda, which we also won.

Next we go up against Bulwark Coin. They will be a tough opponent. We’ll need everyone’s help in order to win this round.

👉 Go vote now! 👈

Remember that only one vote is allowed per IP address. So if you‘re in multi-machine environment, such as an office or university, we’d encourage you to vote from home, a cafe or coffee shop to ensure your vote is counted!

Fortune and Glory

The MasternodeMeBro18 tournament isn’t all fun and games. There are some fairly cool rewards for the winners, and several new prizes have been announced recently.