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Rupaya Community Update – August 13, 2018

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This weekly update covers team member highlights, project updates, online contests, RupayaFest, and more.

Community News

Team Member Highlights

This week we are highlighting two more key members of the Rupaya team. You likely already seen the active and helpful GoodTimes and zmulk around Discord, here’s a bit more about what makes them an invaluable part of our group.

Brian Bearden (GoodTimes#0673 on Discord) is a Sr. Network Engineer with 22 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise sized networks. Brian specializes in network architecture, security, and operations. Brian is also owner of NodeMasters Consulting which provides professional consulting services to Master Node owners. Brian is responsible for assisting community members with the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of their Master Nodes.

Zohair Mulk (zmulk#9023 on discord) is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant with 7 years of experience in customizing the needs of the customer in their business processes and over 10 years of experience in the .Net framerwork. He is also a cofounder of the company Laborate, this is a company that is trying to change the way companies recruit new employees.

Project Developments

New Wallet Interface

The new wallet interface UI continues to evolve and improve. This week we’d like to share the initial splash screen. These UI mockup still do not reflect the next wallet name and version number. Once it is released this wallet will be version 5.0, codename “Markhor”.

Planned new Rupaya wallet splash screen


We wrapped up RupayaFest after almost 4 days of raffles, games, quizzes, and competitions. Thank you to everyone that participated and shared the Rupaya love through social media posts on in-channel coin rains!

Rupaya Raffles

Over the course of RupayaFest we ran six raffles, five mini-raffles and one mega raffle. Each mini-raffle was seeded with 100 RUPX and the mega raffle was started with 1,000 RUPX, for a total of 1,500 RUPX committed from the marketing budget.

Rupaya Quizzes and Games

Throughout the final day of RupayaFest we ran a series of games and quizzes, all with prizes in RUPX. We had phenomenal participation and the RupayaFest channel was buzzing with activity all day long. Quizzes tested community member knowledge on topics ranging from the founding and history of Rupaya to comic book characters and much more.

Invite Banner Contest

Congrats to all our winners of the Banner Invite contest! We thought you’d like to see the three winners one more time. All in all we handed out 3,000 RUPX from our marketing budget to the winners of the Banner Contest.

Menchester won first place and 1,300 RUPX for this entry




Discord Update

  • 1,926 Users (1,724 active within last 30 days)
  • Twitter users have grown to 1,516

Social Media Overview

Over the last month our social media has been on fire. The following are some of the stats from our Twitter. Growth across the board has been excellent. Part of the growth has certainly been from the RupayaFest and MasternodeMeBro18 tournament.

MasternodeMeBro18 Update

Rupaya continues to soar against Linda Coin in the MasternodeMeBro18 tournament. While it looks like Linda Coin might have given up, it’s important to remember that this round of the competition goes on until August 26. Be sure to get your vote in right up until the end to forestall any chance of a last second comeback.

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is a native digital currency. Rupaya makes our digital cryptocurrency asset (RUPX) accessible to ordinary users and merchants. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.