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Rupaya Community Update – October 9, 2018

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Rupaya Community Update - October 9, 2018

This is our first Community Update since the hard fork and coin swap event started. In this edition of the Community Update we will cover the progress of the swap event, performance of the Rupaya SwapBot, general news, development progress, and a marketing update.

Project Development Updates

Rupaya 5 is the first known fork from the PIVX 3.1 codebase. This is a major accomplishment, and is due to the incredible work of our development team.

Coin Swap Progress
The coin swap process is in full swing. As a reminder, users must complete all swaps before 11:59PM UTC on October 31, 2018. Any un-swapped coins will be lost after that point.

📣 Do not wait until October 31 to request a manual swap.

Rupaya Coin Swap Notice

Rupaya SwapBot

So far more than 380 swaps have been completed, with more than 460 registered, through the Rupaya SwapBot.

Roughly 33% of everyone who has completed a swap through the bot has provided feedback about the process via our SwapBot feedback form or on Twitter. The feedback we’re receiving has been overwhelmingly positive. Based on more than 150 feedback responses so far, users have given the bot swap process an overall satisfaction rating of 92%.


  • 620 Masternodes online (this is the equivalent of 1,240 masternodes on the old Rupaya 4 chain)
  • 12,400,000 coins are locked in masternodes
  • ⚠️ There are still 109 Masternodes with the ‘Unreachable’ designation. Be sure to check to ensure that your MN is online and contributing to the network.

For a little bit of context. With the update in collateral, when the Rupaya 5 network reaches 880 masternodes we will have the same number of coins locked as we did at the very height of the Rupaya 4 chain (August 31, 2018) right before people began tearing them down in preparation for the swap.

🚨 There are still more than 200 masternodes on the old chain. There is no reason for those to still be active. None of them are earning valid rewards. Be sure to tear them down and get your coins swapped as soon as possible.

For every manual swap that occurs our team has an incredibly difficult task. The sooner you get the process started, the safer your coins will be. And the sooner you can start earning rewards again!

Documentation Center

The brand new Rupaya Documentation Center is where to find important documentation about our project. Still in its infancy, we will be adding to, and rapidly growing, this repository of knowledge as time goes on. Looking for masternode setup guides, information about security, or the Rupaya press kit? You will find it on the Documentation Center.


The current website splash page is just a placeholder. We needed to update the face of the site to match the new branding but didn’t have a chance to finish the full site design before the hard fork.

We believe our new site is a market sector leading design, and it will fundamentally change the way users view and interact with cryptocurrency sites. We’ll be finalizing the new site over the next several weeks and can’t wait to share the new design, and launch the full site.

Wallet UI

We’re still working on the updated Wallet UI. The current wallet 5.0.25 skin is just an intermediary step to the final UI. The wallet dev and UI designers have been working hard to iron out the final device display and deeper webhook connection issues in order to bring the final version of the Rupaya 5 wallet to market as soon as possible.

Marketing Overview

Updating Data Sites

There are a large number of coin data aggregation and information sites out there. Users often discover projects like ours on a variety of sites, possibly making decisions about which projects to look at in more depth.

These sites gather whatever data they can, but then leave it up to users (or teams) to provide updates. Unfortunately these site rarely ever notify teams that they are providing information, and thus when major changes occur the “data” sites provide inaccurate information until someone happens to notice and notify the team. The issues for projects like ours are very clear. New users may be turned off or away by what looks like a dead project, simply because a data site never updated to look at the new explorer URL.

We know there are still sites out there with incorrect data about Rupaya. The hard fork ensures that almost all of them have incorrect data. We’re providing updated information to as many of them as we are aware of.

If there’s a site you frequent for coin info and you notice incorrect or out of date information about Rupaya, please let our team know via a DM on Discord.

Blockfolio and Delta

In addition to submitting our updated logo to the crypto tracking apps Blockfolio and Delta, we also requested inclusion in both of their new project update services. Called Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct respectively, these new services allow project teams to send notifications for news, info, and updates to anyone who opts-in and tracks or watches Ruapya via the apps.

We believe this will greatly broaden our reach and are excited to start rolling it out as soon as possible.

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is the cryptocurrency of South Asia. Built on a mature and growing set of features, our digital crypto asset RUPX is accessible to ordinary users and merchants. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

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